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"Alexa, what can you do?"

"Alexa, good morning."

"Alexa, tell me a joke."

"Alexa, sing me a song."

"Alexa, how are you?"

"Alexa, get started."

"Alexa, let's play a game."

"Alexa, what happened today in history?"

"Alexa, where can I get ice cream?"

"Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited."

"Alexa, what's free from Audible?"

"Alexa, how does the intercom work?"

"Alexa, how do you say 'happy birthday' in Chinese?"

"Alexa, what's on my calendar today?"

"Alexa, let's shop."

"Alexa, set a timer for 10 minutes."

"Alexa, what should I make for dinner?"

"Alexa, remind me to call mom tomorrow at 9 AM."

"Alexa, how many ounces are in a pound?"

Alexa, what’s the weather in Singapore?"

Feature discovery

“Alexa, what can you show me?”

“Alexa, what can you do?”

“Alexa, what can I say?”

“Alexa, what new things have you learned?”

“Alexa, let’s chat.”

“Alexa, good afternoon.”

“Alexa, what can I do with more than one Echo device?”

Volume controls

“Alexa, volume up.”

“Alexa, turn up the volume.”

“Alexa, louder.”

“Alexa, volume down.”

“Alexa, turn down the volume.”

“Alexa, volume 6.”

“Alexa, turn on whisper mode.”

“Alexa, turn off whisper mode.”

Wake word, profiles & user accounts

“Alexa, can I change your name?”

“Alexa, can I use the same wake word on all my devices?”

“Alexa, switch accounts.”

“Alexa, which profile is this?”


Alexa accessibility features.

“Alexa, turn on closed captions.”

“Alexa, turn on Alexa captions.”

“Alexa, increase volume.”

Bluetooth & WiFi

“Alexa, pair.”

“Alexa, Bluetooth.”

“Alexa, connect to my phone.”

“Alexa, disconnect from my phone.”

“Alexa, can I connect to Bluetooth?”

“Alexa, can I pair my phone with you?”

“Alexa, can you connect to the internet?”



“Alexa, read my Audible book.”

“Alexa, show my Audible books.”

“Alexa, what’s free from Audible?”

“Alexa, read Girl on the Train from Audible.”

“Alexa, stop reading the book in 30 minutes.”

“Alexa, sign-up for Audible.”

“Alexa, what are popular audiobooks from Audible this week?”

Kindle books:

“Alexa, read my Kindle book.”

“Alexa, show my Kindle books.”

“Alexa, read The Martian from Kindle.”

Playback controls:

“Alexa, read my book.”

“Alexa, next chapter.”

“Alexa, previous chapter.”

“Alexa, jump ahead.”

“Alexa, go back 30 seconds.”

“Alexa, stop reading in 20 minutes.”

“Alexa, restart the book.”

“Alexa, restart the chapter.”

“Alexa, pause.”

“Alexa, resume.”

Short stories:

“Alexa, tell me a story.”


Basic controls:

“Alexa, answer.”

“Alexa, hang up.”

“Alexa, turn on ‘Do Not Disturb.’”

“Alexa, turn off ‘Do Not Disturb.’”

Calling & messaging:

“Alexa, call Mom.”

“Alexa, call Dad’s mobile.”

“Alexa, message Nina.”

“Alexa, play my messages.”

Drop In:

“Alexa, drop in.”

“Alexa, drop in on the kitchen.”

“Alexa, drop in on Echo.”


“Alexa, announce that dinner’s ready.”

“Alexa, broadcast that we’re leaving in five.”

“Alexa, announce that I’m heading home from the office.”


“Alexa, make a donation.”

“Alexa, make a donation to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.”

Fun with Alexa

Burns, hacks & pranks:

“Alexa, give me a World Series burn.”

“Alexa, give me a prank.”

“Alexa, give me a life hack.”

“Alexa, give me a burn for the big game.”

Easter eggs:

“Alexa, give me an Easter egg.”

“Alexa, give me a hard-boiled Easter egg.’”

“Alexa, Release the Kraken!”

“Alexa, speak Klingon.”

“Alexa, pretend to be a superhero.”

“Alexa, pretend to be a supervillain.”

“Alexa, what’s your mission?”

“Alexa, tell me a palindrome.”

“Alexa, give me a tongue twister.”

“Alexa, you had me at hello.”

“Alexa, can you talk like Yoda?”

“Alexa, ET phone home.”

“Alexa, give me a blooper.”

“Alexa, beam me up.”

“Alexa, fire photon torpedoes.”

“Alexa, give me a famous first line.”

“Alexa, I’m bored.”

“Alexa, surprise me.”

“Alexa, talk like a pirate.”

“Alexa, I need more cowbell.”

“Alexa, there’s always money in the banana stand.”

“Alexa, where is my super suit?”

“Alexa, speak in iambic pentameter.”

“Alexa, you can’t handle the truth.”

“Alexa, Bond, James Bond.”

“Alexa, do you have any Grey Poupon?”

“Alexa, elementary my dear Watson.”

“Alexa, no soup for you.”

“Alexa, to the Batmobile.”

“Alexa, I’d like to buy a vowel.”

“Alexa, I love it when a plan comes together.”

“Alexa, what’s our vector, Victor?”

“Alexa, did we just become best friends?”

“Alexa, it’s gonna be legendary.”


“Alexa, what’s your favorite color?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite sport?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite book?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite rock song?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite superhero?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite Game of Thrones character?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite author?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite word?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite comic book?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite animal?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite game?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite hat?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite sport?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite song?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite actor?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite skateboarder?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite hobby?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite flower?”

“Alexa, who are your favorite female authors?”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite baseball team?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite baseball player?”

“Alexa, who’s your favorite poet?”

“Alexa, do you like cats or dogs?”

“Alexa, Star Wars or Star Trek?”

Fun facts:

“Alexa, good morning.”

“Alexa, give me a fun fact.”

“Alexa, give me a fact about lefties.”

“Alexa, what’s the shortest word in the dictionary?”

“Alexa, tell me a fun fact about Friday the 13th.”

“Alexa, tell me a fun fact about the darkness.”

“Alexa, tell me a fun fact about sleep.”

“Alexa, give me a Star Wars fact.”

Get to know Alexa:

“Alexa, how are you?”

“Alexa, how old are you?”

“Alexa, goodnight.”

“Alexa, tell me a joke about you.”

“Alexa, what are you reading?”

“Alexa, tell me a thought from the cloud.”

“Alexa, what’s on your mind?”

“Alexa, who inspires you?”

“Alexa, who are your role models?”

“Alexa, who do you love?”

“Alexa, what are you doing for your birthday?”

“Alexa, what are you thankful for?”

“Alexa, can you do an impression?”


“Alexa, sing me a holiday song.”

“Alexa, what’s your favorite holiday movie?”

“Alexa, tell me a holiday limerick.”

“Alexa, tell me a holiday story.”

“Alexa, tell me a Halloween hack.”

“Alexa, sing a Halloween song.”

“Alexa, what are you going to be for Halloween?”

“Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke.”

“Alexa, give me a Thanksgiving hack.”

“Alexa, give me a Thanksgiving haiku.”

“Alexa, tell me a Thanksgiving story.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘The Thanksgiving Takeoff.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘First Thanksgiving.’”

“Alexa, tell me a Christmas story.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Christmas Tamales.’”

“Alexa, tell me ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.’”

“Alexa, sing your favorite Christmas carol.”

“Alexa, give me a Christmas rap.”

“Alexa, sing ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘Deck the Halls.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘O Christmas Tree.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘Jingle Bells.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘Up on the Housetop.’”

“Alexa, spin the dreidel.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Sharing Season.’”

“Alexa, open my gift.”

“Alexa, sing a New Year song.”

“Alexa, sing ‘Auld Lang Syne.’”

“Alexa, what are you doing for New Year’s Eve?”

“Alexa, what are your New Year’s resolutions?”

“Alexa, what were your favorite moments of the year?”

“Alexa, what are you doing for Black History Month?”

“Alexa, tell me a President’s Day fact.”

“Alexa, tell me a St. Patrick’s Day limerick.”

“Alexa, are you wearing green today?”

“Alexa, what can I do for Earth Day?”

“Alexa, tell me a Mother’s Day poem.”

“Alexa, tell me a Father’s Day story.”


“Alexa, tell me a joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a pun.”

“Alexa, tell me a math joke.’”

“Alexa, tell me a riddle.”

“Alexa, tell me a science joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a golf joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a football joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a soccer joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a baseball joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a tennis joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a hockey joke.”

“Alexa, give me a Star Trek joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a Star Wars joke.”

“Alexa, which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

“Alexa, tell me an animal joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a vegetable joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a winter joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a lightbulb joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a Pokémon joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a ninja joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a dinosaur joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a superhero joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a video game joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a wizard joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a banana joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a chicken joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a coffee joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a dog joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a horse joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a joke about unicorns.”

“Alexa, tell me a pet joke.”

“Alexa tell me a pirate joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a robot joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a Shakespeare joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a sports joke.”

“Alexa, tell me a food joke.”


“Alexa, tell me a poem.”

“Alexa, tell me some bad poetry.”

“Alexa, tell me a ‘roses are red’ poem.”

“Alexa, tell me a limerick.”

“Alexa, tell me a hockey limerick.”

“Alexa, tell me a Star Wars limerick.”

“Alexa, recite a haiku.”

“Alexa, speak in iambic pentameter.”


“Alexa, sing a song.”

“Alexa, can you auto-tune?”

“Alexa, sing a campfire song.”

“Alexa, sing a summer song.”

“Alexa, sing me a love song.”

“Alexa, can you rap?”

“Alexa, you have mad skills.”

“Alexa, rap for me.”

“Alexa, beatbox for me.”

“Alexa, sing the alphabet.”

“Alexa, sing a country song.”

“Alexa, sing a pirate song.”

“Alexa, sing a barbershop quartet.”

“Alexa, sing ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game.’”

“Alexa, sing the National Anthem.”

“Alexa, sing ‘The Ballad of Broken S’mores.”

“Alexa, sing ‘In the Moonlight Tonight.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘Paper Airplanes.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘America the Beautiful.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘My Country Tis of Thee.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘Woohoo Technology.’”

“Alexa, sing ‘It’s Raining in the Cloud.’”

“Alexa, sing a spooky song.”

“Alexa, rap for Mom.”

“Alexa, rap for Dad.”


“Alexa, tell me a story.”

“Alexa, tell me a love story.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Puppy Love.’”

“Alexa, tell me a story about dancing.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘”Tango Night.’”

“Alexa, tell me a shark story.”

“Alexa, tell me your ‘Camp Blues’ story.”

“Alexa, tell me your ‘Sea Time’ story.”

“Alexa, tell me a story about Mars.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘A New Spring on Mars.’”

“Alexa, tell me a story about pickle ball.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘The Pickle Ball Players.’”

“Alexa, tell me a story about a squirrel.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘The Squirrel and the Acorn.’”

“Alexa, tell me a summer story.”

“Alexa, tell me a camping story.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Camp Blues.’”

“Alexa, tell me a friendship story.”

“Alexa, tell me a winter story.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘How to Make a Perfect Snowball.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Measure Twice.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Camp Blues.’”

“Alexa, tell me a spooky story.”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘The Hunt.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Batter Up.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Sea Time.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Canned Destiny.’”

“Alexa, tell me the story ‘Foul Play.’”


Game assistance:

“Alexa, pick a card.”

“Alexa, flip a coin.”

“Alexa, roll the dice.”

“Alexa, roll a 12-sided die.”

“Alexa, pick a number between 1 and 100.”

“Alexa, drum roll please.”

“Alexa, paper rock scissors.”

Game skills:

Skills are like apps that help you do more with Alexa, and there are thousands of game skills to choose from. Check out the skills below or just ask, “Alexa, let’s play a game.”


“Alexa, test my history knowledge.”

“Alexa, test my spelling.”

“Alexa, play Geo Quiz.”

“Alexa, open Ultimate History Quiz.”

Fun for family:

“Alexa, play Animal Game.”

“Alexa, open SpongeBob.”

“Alexa, open Amazon Storytime.”

“Alexa, open Freeze Dancers.”

Fun for groups:

“Alexa, play Heads Up!”

“Alexa, start The Music Quiz.”

"Alexa, Play Would You Rather"

Interactive adventures:

“Alexa, open Yes Sire."

“Alexa, open The Magic Door.”

Just for fun:

“Alexa, tell me my fortune.”

“Alexa, open Box of Cats.”

“Alexa, play Twenty Questions.”

“Alexa, give me a round of applause.”

“Alexa, open Categories Game.”

Games with premium content:

“Alexa, tell My Pet Rock to go play"

“Alexa, open Guess My Name.”

Echo Buttons:

“Alexa, what games can I play with Echo Buttons?”

“Alexa, launch Bandit Buttons.”

“Alexa, launch Trivial Pursuit Tap.”

Privacy Features & Controls

“Alexa, how do I turn off your microphone?”

“Alexa, delete everything I said today.”

“Alexa, delete what I just said.”



“Alexa, show my photos.”

“Alexa, show photo albums.”


“Alexa, pause slideshow.”

“Alexa, resume slideshow.”

“Alexa, repeat slideshow.”

“Alexa, next photo.”

“Alexa, previous photo.”

“Alexa, turn on shuffle.”

“Alexa, zoom in.”

“Alexa, zoom out.”

Take photos:

“Alexa, take a photo.”

“Alexa, take a Four Shot photo.”


Playback controls:

“Alexa, pause.”

“Alexa, resume.”

“Alexa, skip.”

“Alexa, next.”

“Alexa, stop.”

“Alexa, what’s playing?”


“Alexa, turn up the bass.”

“Alexa, set the treble to 3.”

“Alexa, reset the equalizer.”

Amazon Music Services

Amazon Music Unlimited:

“Alexa, play Song of the Day.”

“Alexa, try Amazon Music Unlimited.”


“Alexa, play me songs I listened to last Friday.”

“Alexa, play some happy music I heard yesterday.”

“Alexa, add this song to my playlist.”

“Alexa, add this song to a new playlist called Relax & Unwind.”

Genre, era, location, or mood:

“Alexa, play sad country from the ‘90s.”

“Alexa, play today’s hits in London.”

“Alexa, play happy music.”

“Alexa, play music from 1986.”

Latest song or album:

“Alexa, play the new Ed Sheeran album.”


“Alexa, play the song that goes ‘love is all you need.’”

“Alexa, block songs with explicit lyrics.’”

Music activities:

“Alexa, play pop music for a party.”

“Alexa, play music for cooking.”

“Alexa, play music for bedtime.”

“Alexa, play music for cleaning.”

“Alexa, play relaxing music.”

“Alexa, play music for yoga.”

“Alexa, play morning music.”

“Alexa, play music for getting ready for bed.”

“Alexa, play chill music.”

“Alexa, play upbeat music for a dinner party.”

Music alarms:

“Alexa, set an alarm to Adele every day at 10 AM.”

“Alexa, wake me up to morning music.”

Music help:

“Alexa, how do I connect Amazon Music?”

“Alexa, how do I make a playlist?”


“Alexa, play music.”

“Alexa, play new music.”

“Alexa, play music that I haven’t listened to recently.”

“Alexa, play more like this.”

“Alexa, play something similar to Adele.”

“Alexa, enable Today in Music.”

“Alexa, play Weekly One.”

Other available music services:

"Alexa, play Beats 1 Radio on Apple Music."

"Alexa, play Friday Feeling on Apple Music."

“Alexa, how do I connect a Spotify account?”

“Alexa, how do I play Spotify?”

“Alexa, how can I link Pandora?”

“Alexa, play James Brown radio on Pandora.”

“Alexa, play ‘Pep Rally’ by Missy Elliot on Spotify.”

“Alexa, tell Slacker Radio to play Today's Hits.”

Multi-room music:

“Alexa, play music everywhere.”

“Alexa, play my party playlist downstairs.”

“Alexa, play jazz in the kitchen.”

Music videos:

Artist or band:

“Alexa, play music videos by Calvin Harris.”


“Alexa, play the music video ’No Brainer.’”


“Alexa, play rock music videos.”


“Alexa, play music videos.”

News & information


“Alexa, what’s the tallest animal?”


“Alexa, when’s the next full moon?”


“Alexa, who wrote The Bell Jar?”

“Alexa, tell me about Dan Brown.”

“Alexa, what is Catch-22?”

“Alexa, when was The Great Gatsby published?”

“Alexa, what is the Great Gatsby about?”

“Alexa, how many books has Stephen King written?”

“Alexa, what is the latest book by Stephen King?”

“Alexa, when is Stephen King’s next book?”

“Alexa, tell me about Draco Malfoy.”

“Alexa, tell me a quote.”

“Alexa, what are the most popular books this week?”


“Alexa, when was McDonald’s founded?”

“Alexa, who’s the CEO of Ford?”

“Alexa, what’s the stock price of General Motors?”


“Alexa, what’s 62 times 12?”


“Alexa, how many kilometers are in a mile?”

“Alexa, how many cups in a quart?”

“Alexa, what’s 100 dollars in Euros?”


“Alexa, when is Labor Day?”

“Alexa, what day is October 3?”

“Alexa, how many days until Christmas?”


“Alexa, define ‘lexicon.’”

“Alexa, what’s the definition of ‘lexicon?’”


“Alexa, is George Clooney married?”

“Alexa, when are the Emmys?”

“Alexa, what’s the most popular TV show?”


“Alexa, give me an animal fact.”

Flash Briefing:

“Alexa, what’s the news?”

“Alexa, what’s my Flash Briefing?”

“Alexa, play the news.”

Local search:

“Alexa, what Chinese restaurants are nearby?”

“Alexa, find the hours for a nearby pharmacy.”

“Alexa, where’s the nearest coffee shop?”

“Alexa, where can I get ice cream?”

Movies & TV

Facts & Summaries:

“Alexa, tell me about the movie Hans Solo.”

“Alexa, what’s the IMDb rating for Incredibles 2?”

“Alexa, what’s Emma Stone’s latest movie?”


“Alexa, what movies are playing nearby?”

“Alexa, what action movies are playing this weekend?”

“Alexa, when is Crazy Rich Asians playing?”

“Alexa, what’s on TV tonight?”

“Alexa, what time is Modern Family on?”


*“Alexa, who was the fifth President of the United States?”


“Alexa, how do you spell ‘accommodate?’”


Games, recaps, news, standings & more:

“Alexa, what’s my sports update?”


“Alexa, when do the Seahawks play next?”


“Alexa, what’s the score of the Red Sox game?”


“Alexa, what’s Babe Ruth’s lifetime batting average?”


“Alexa, what’s my commute?”

“Alexa, how’s traffic?”

“Alexa, what’s traffic like right now?”


Alexa can translate words and phrases into more than 50 languages—here are some examples:

“Alexa, what languages can you translate?”

“Alexa, how do you say ‘I love you’ in French?”

“Alexa, what’s the word for ‘airplane’ in Danish?”

“Alexa, translate ‘house’ in Russian.”

Trending news & pop culture:

“Alexa, what’s trending?”

“Alexa, what’s the birthday roundup?”

“Alexa, tell me something weird.”

“Alexa, tell me three things to know.”


“Alexa, what’s the weather?”

“Alexa, what’s the temperature?”

“Alexa, what’s the forecast for tomorrow?”

“Alexa, what’s the weather in Tokyo?”

“Alexa, what’s the humidity today?”

“Alexa, show me the weekend forecast.”


“Alexa, Wikipedia ‘mid-century modern.’”


“Alexa, what are my notifications?”

“Alexa, what did I miss?”

“Alexa, next.”

“Alexa, previous.”

“Alexa, delete my notifications.”


You can listen to hundreds of thousands of podcasts with Alexa. Check out the examples below or just ask, “Alexa, play a podcast.”


“Alexa, play the podcast Freakonomics.”


“Alexa, play the podcast Radio Lab.”

“Alexa, play the podcast 99% Invisible.”


“Alexa, play the podcast Planet Money.”


“Alexa, play the podcast Stuff You Missed in History.”

“Alexa, play the podcast Revisionist History.”


“Alexa, play the podcast Story Pirates.”

“Alexa, play the podcast Wow in the World.”


“Alexa, play The Daily podcast.”

“Alexa, play the podcast Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”


“Alexa, play the podcast Science VS.”


“Alexa, play the podcast Tim Ferris.”


“Alexa, play the podcast This Week in Tech.”


“Alexa, play The Ron Burgundy Podcast On iHeartRadio.”

Playback Controls:

“Alexa, previous episode.”

“Alexa, rewind 5 minutes.”

“Alexa, resume my podcast.”

“Alexa, play the latest Dirty John podcast.”



“Alexa, set an alarm for 7 AM.”

“Alexa, set an alarm for every Monday at 8am.”

“Alexa, set a music alarm.”

“Alexa, wake me up at 10 AM to ‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars.”

“Alexa, what are my alarms?”

“Alexa, snooze.”

“Alexa, cancel my alarm.”

“Alexa, how do I change the sound for an alarm?”


“Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?”

“Alexa, what’s my next meeting?”

“Alexa, add ‘dentist appointment’ to my calendar.”

“Alexa, schedule lunch with Mom tomorrow at 2 PM.”

“Alexa, move dentist appointment from 3 PM to 5 PM.”

“Alexa, show my calendar.”

Kitchen help:

“Alexa, what should I make for dinner?

“Alexa, find me a recipe for banana bread.”

“Alexa, find quick dinner recipes.”

“Alexa, order coffee.”

“Alexa, add sugar to my shopping list.”

“Alexa, set a sauce timer for 5 minutes.”

“Alexa, how many teaspoons in a tablespoon?”


“Alexa, add eggs to my shopping list.”

“Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”

“Alexa, put ‘call the plumber’ on my to-do list.”

“Alexa, remove ‘call the plumber’ from my to-do list.””

“Alexa, create a list.”

“Alexa, how do I start a shopping list?”

Remember this:

“Alexa, what can you remember?”

“Alexa, remember that Susan’s favorite color is purple.”

“Alexa, remember that Jamal doesn’t like cilantro.”


“Alexa, remind me to call mom on Saturday at 2 PM.”

“Alexa, remind me to take the laundry out in 30 minutes.”

“Alexa, remind me to walk the dog every day at 6 PM.”

“Alexa, what are my reminders?

“Alexa, cancel ‘walk the dog’ reminder.”


“Alexa, set a timer for 5 minutes.”

“Alexa, set a rice timer for 10 minutes.”

“Alexa, how much time is left on the timer?”

“Alexa, what are my timers?”

“Alexa, set a sleep timer for 30 minutes.”

“Alexa, cancel my timer.”


Order tracking & delivery notifications:

“Alexa, where’s my stuff?”

“Alexa, what are my notifications?”

Product questions:

“Alexa, find the best coffeemaker.”

“Alexa, what are my deals?”

“Alexa, how much is an Instant pot?”

“Alexa, what are the best-selling toys?”

Shop Amazon:

“Alexa, search for dog toys.”

“Alexa, add batteries to my cart.”

“Alexa, order hand soap.”

“Alexa, reorder dog food.”

“Alexa, what’s in my cart?”

“Alexa, cancel my order.”

Shop Fresh, Prime Now & Whole Foods

These features are supported in limited locations.

“Alexa, add milk to my Fresh cart.”

“Alexa, add beer to my Prime Now cart.”

“Alexa, add bananas to my Whole Foods cart.”

“Alexa, shop Whole Foods.”



“Alexa, open This Day in History.”

“Alexa, open NASA Mars.”

“Alexa, play Geo Quiz.”

“Alexa, start The Spelling Game.”

“Alexa, what’s the word of the day?”

“Alexa, open Ultimate History Quiz.”

Family & kids:

These skills may require Verified Parental Consent. If you have not set up Verified Parental Consent in your app, try one of the skills and head over to your Alexa app to finish the process there. After you provide permission once you won’t need to do it again.

“Alexa, open Amazon Storytime.”

“Alexa, open Kids Court.”

“Alexa, open Yes Sire.”

“Alexa, open Freeze Dancers.”

“Alexa, let’s brush our teeth.”

“Alexa, open SpongeBob.”

“Alexa, play Animal Game.”

Fun & games:

“Alexa, let’s play a game.”

“Alexa, open My Pet Rock.”

“Alexa, play Song Quiz.”

“Alexa, play Jeopardy!”

“Alexa, play Sports Jeopardy!”

“Alexa, play Teen Jeopardy!”

“Alexa, play Twenty Questions.”

“Alexa, open Heads Up!”

“Alexa, open Categories Game.”

“Alexa, tell my Pet Rock to do a trick.”

“Alexa, start The Music Quiz.”

“Alexa, give me a round of applause.”

“Alexa, give me a compliment.”

“Alexa, tell me my fortune.”

“Alexa, inspire me.”

Get started:

“Alexa, what are the top skills?”

“Alexa, what are your popular skills?”

“Alexa, show me skills.”

“Alexa, get started with skills.”

Life tasks:

“Alexa, give me a meal idea.”

“Alexa, open Chop Chop.”

“Alexa, open Kayak.”

News & entertainment:

“Alexa, play NPR.”

“Alexa, open CNBC.”

“Alexa, play The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“Alexa, open the Daily Show.”

“Alexa, open AnyPod.”

“Alexa, open TuneIn Live.”


“Alexa, help me get started with skills.”

“Alexa how can I create my own skills?”

“Alexa, let’s play a game.”

“Alexa, help me relax.”

“Alexa, teach me something.”


“Alexa, open Headspace.”

“Alexa, open Rain Sounds.”

“Alexa, help me sleep.”

“Alexa, open Beach Sounds.”

“Alexa, open Rain Sounds.”

“Alexa, open Sleep Sounds.”

“Alexa, open Beach Video.”

“Alexa, open Fireplace Video.”

Skill Blueprints:

“Alexa, how can I create my own Alexa responses?”

“Alexa, help me create a guide for my houseguests.”

Smart home

Get hands-free voice control by connecting your compatible smart home products to your Alexa-enabled device. Here are examples of smart home Alexa commands to use after setting up your smart home.


“Alexa, show me the nursery.”

“Alexa, show me the front door.”

“Alexa, show me the back yard.”

“Alexa, show me the last event at the front door.”


Creating a group for your compatible smart home devices allows you to control them all with a single, simple command.

“Alexa, what are smart home groups?”

“Alexa, turn on the Living Room.”

“Alexa, turn off the Master Bedroom.”


“Alexa, turn on the Kitchen lights.”

“Alexa, turn off the lights.”

“Alexa, dim the Bedroom lights.”

“Alexa, dim the lights to 50 percent.”

“Alexa, turn the living room lamp blue.”

“Alexa, turn the Kid’s Bedroom blue.”

“Alexa, make the Kitchen lights warmer.”


“Alexa, lock the front door.”


“Alexa, turn on the lamp.”

“Alexa, turn off the fan.”

“Alexa, turn on the coffee maker.”


A Routine enables Alexa to perform a series of actions with a single command. For example, create a routine for the command, “Alexa, start my day” so that Alexa will respond by telling you the weather forecast for the day, turning on the lights, and delivering the daily news.

“Alexa, what are routines?”

“Alexa, start my day.”

“Alexa, start my workout.”


“Alexa, set the living room to 72 degrees.”

“Alexa, what temperature is it in here?”

“Alexa, turn the temperature down.”

Movies, videos & TV shows


“Alexa, play Sneaky Pete.”

“Alexa, watch Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan.”

Playback controls:

“Alexa, fast forward 1 minute.”

“Alexa, rewind.”

“Alexa, pause.”

“Alexa, resume.”

“Alexa, next episode.”


“Alexa, open Prime Video.”

“Alexa, search action movies.”

“Alexa, show me Jennifer Lawrence movies.”

“Alexa, show my Watchlist.”

“Alexa, show my Video Library.”

“Alexa, find kids movies.”