Java 3D and JOGL

Game Framework

Graphics GL

Programming Resources

Eclipse: GameFramework Project and Library (Java3D, Jinput, and JOGL)

    • GameFramework Java Project: 3d Examples
    • Browser3D (opens desktop: Lathe3D.wrl, Mover3D.wrl, Blender3D.wrl, TextLand3D.wrl)
    • FreelanceStudio: GameButtons remapped, checking xml file
    • Java 3D Notes: (Java 3D , JInput, JOAL, JOGL), Libraries: jinput, j3dcore, jd3dutils, vecmath
    • Reading 3D animation about (vrml and wrl) files.


    • (Java 3D)
    • (Java 3D)
    • (Java Open GL API)
    • (Java Open GL API)

Graphics Modeling and Animation

Export As - Wavefront Files (obj, mtl)

    • (Export As - Wavefront Files (obj, mtl)
    • obj - text file for 3D models (java3d)
    • mtl - text file for 3D materials (java3d)
    • stl - Open GL (jogl)

Graphics, modeling, and animation concepts. The text obj (object) and mtl (material) file, it is used in java3d and blender, the mtl (material) file a stylesheet for styles and textures and the obj file similar to a vrml file or a graphic file.


    • Journeyman Software: Simple Browser, Java Media Framework (MP3, MPG)
    • Java Fx Examples: Browser, Scene Graphs, Movie File (MP4)
    • Java 3D Books: Pro Java 6 3D Programming, Killer Java Programming (Joystick and Games)
    • Graphics: Game Development with Blender, Blender Game Kit Manual: (OBJ and MTL Files)
    • Web Publisher's 3D and Animation: (VRML & .WRL Files)


    • Logitech 3D Game Controller (USB)
    • Logitech Mouse / Trackball
    • Canon MX860 Printer / Scanner

Journeyman Software: Application Release

Attached is a working example using the java libraries in eclipse, this will let you use the game controller, move around, load a model, load an image, but you need to download the related library jar files from the website. (Java 3D)


    • The example files below attached can be used in eclipse in the following directories:
    • (Java 3D) - jar files
    • src/blender/: java files - (refactor package name:
    • web/blender/images: jpg, gif files
    • web/blender/models: obj, mtl files
    • Model Loader -, example
    • A java alternative to which is by Carnegie Mellon
    • Check out killer java programming or pro java 6 game programming as a study reference

File Support

Java Development Kit

    • wav, au - java sound files
    • Java Media Framework
    • mp3 - java media framework music files
    • Java FX
    • mp4 - javafx multimedia files

Java Web Archive - JourneyLife.war

    • html - text file for hyper text markup language
    • images - gif, jpg - animated gifs
    • css - stylesheets
    • js - javascript files
    • xml - extensible markup language

The attached examples files below work and passed unit testing.

Research Notes: