OS Statistics

Operating System Statistics:

Usage Share, Market Share, Programming Index


Market Share 35.01%

Usage Share 45.3%

Programming Index: C++, C#, .NET

Windows, Windows Server

Apple and Mac

Market Share 20.02%

Usage Share 29.2%

Programming Index: Objective C, Swift

iOS 14.13%, OS X, 5.89

Linux and Unix

Market Share 40.39%

Usage Share 25.3%

Programming Index: C, Java

Solaris, BSD, Z/ OS

Programming Index: Java, Go

Chrome, Android, Gentoo

Programming Index: C, Java

Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint

Red Hat, Fedora

Programming Index (Tiobe Programming Index)

  1. There are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide.
  2. Java has been number 1 on the index for many months.
  3. Approximately 3 billion devices run Java.
  4. Thanks to Android, Java is one of the most popular mobile development platforms.
  5. 97 percent of enterprise desktops run Java.
  6. Java EE is the standard for enterprise application development.
  7. Many big companies have joined the OpenJDK project.
  8. 1 million developers use the NetBeans IDE.
  9. 115 million televisions can run Java.
  10. The JVM supports many other languages