Parental Websites




  • Loving and firm parents
  • Two most important factors in raising children
  • Establishing clearly defined and understood rules in the home, limits that the children know they can not violate without some consequence
  • A commitment to love each child in a warm, affectionate, and supportive way

Loving Relationships

  • Loving home: hope, healing, help, health
  • Hugs, cheers, smiles, tears of compassion

Close Knit Family

  • Six characteristics of a close knit family
  • Sharing life experiences together
  • Three practical ways to share life together

Expressing loving support

  • Unconditional commitment
  • Schedule times
  • Availability to children
  • Tender treatment
  • Frequent eye contact
  • Listening in an understanding way

Key's to your child's heart

  • The key to your child’s heart
  • He is valuable and important
  • We care about him
  • We are open to listen, increasing understanding
  • Seek forgiveness
  • Balancing love and support
  • Help children choose their own goals
  • Expect children to do the things right
  • Expose your children to people you admire



Health and Safety