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In galactic history, there was a colossal conflict between two races, the monstrous Daemonites and the humanoid Kherubim. Two ships, one piloted by each of these races, crashed on Earth after a dogfight between the two, and the aliens attempted to integrate with the natives. In recent times, the Kheran Lord Emp formed a Covert Action Team to fight against Daemonite activities on Earth.

Comics - Wild Cats (Cool Cats)

Wild Cats (Covert Action Teams)

Wild Cats asks Marlowe their boss to take a vacation

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Comics - Divine Intervention

Episode 1 - Divine Intervention

Max Faraday comes to the Earth, learning the rules of the earth , inadvertently says I am God

Max Faraday knows the creation equation, from the Internet

Max Faraday finds the creation wheel, defense against the fallen who know the creation equation, then says I guess I’m not omnipotent

Creation Wheel limitations on the Earth? Keeping the creation equation safe for friends

Max Faraday job is to deliver pizzas

Max Faraday introduces Wild Cats to Gen 13

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Divine Intervention - Adventures of Max Faraday

Max Farady (Works for God from a different planet) - I am

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Wild Cats

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How They Came to Be

Main article: Gen 13: How They Came to Be

The members of Gen 13 were brought together by Ivana Baiul of I.O.. They were told that Genesis was a government internship, and brought to a compound in Death Valley. Bobby Lane, Caitlin Fairchild, Eddie Chang, Roxy Spaulding, and Sarah Rainmaker were put through tests to activate their latent Gen-Activepowers.[1] They escaped when they realize the government's true intentions, and take the names Burnout, Fairchild, Freefall, Grunge, and Rainmaker. Bliss and Threshold capture them again, taking them back to be tortured.[2] Fairchild helps the others escape while the building is attacked by the monster Pitt.[3]John Lynch helps them escape, revealing that he was a member of Team 7 and knew their parents.[4]Threshold prevents their escape, as he is the most powerful Gen 13 and wants to build an army of superhumans. Ivana escapes by helicopter as the facility explodes. Lynch has his Black Hammers drive away Threshold, and follows the children to help them escape from the government.[5]

Starting Over

Main article: Gen 13: Starting Over

The group retreated to La Jolla, California, and officially formed as the group Gen¹³. They opposed IO and their ultra violent counterpart DV8. (Gen¹³ loosely refers to the 13th generation of Americans. Team 7 had been part of a project called Gen 12.) The team spent a lot of time delving into the past of Team 7 to learn more about themselves. Fairchild and Freefalllearned they were half-sisters and Lynch was revealed to be Burnout's father. Also during this time, Freefall and Grunge began to date, while Rainmaker revealed herself to be bisexual. The team was caught in an explosion of a 6 megaton bomb and believed to be dead. Fairchild was the only survivor and mentored a new Gen¹³ team, effectively taking Lynch's role. However, this team existed in what is later revealed to be an alternate reality which was similar to the mainstream Wildstorm universe except for its point of divergence, the last issue of Volume 1. At the end of volume 2, the rest of the original Gen¹³ team was revealed to be alive and, after a little time-travel to avoid the detonation that 'killed' them, the reunited group returned to the mainstream Wildstorm universe.