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Games and Java 3D Introducing Java 3D Java Integration Java3D - JOGL - OpenGL Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) Java Media Framework (JMF) JInput (Direct X) Java3D Websites (Java 3D) (Java 3D) (Java Open GL API) (Java Open GL API) Java3D Model Loaders – obj, mtl files – gif. Jpg files Java3D File Formats Wavefront obj: Wavefront mtl: Java3D Models and Utilities Java 3d Model Loaders: Google Directory on 3D models: 3D Café: Java3D’s Level of Abstraction Two mechanisms Entity level – scene graph Rendering level – handles light mapping, shadows, vertex shading Java3D’s Modes Retained mode: the scene is constructed by adding nodes to a scene graph Immediate mode: discards the scene graph, placing all the scene creation and rendering tasks into the hands of the programmer Mixed mode: Most of the scene is built using the scene graph, but the background is created outside the scene graph structure Java 3D Examples Overview of a Scene Graph Color Cube Left Branch – content branch graph – holds program specific content: geometry, lighting, textures, background. Right Branch – view branch graph – specifies user position orientation and perspective to look into the virtual world from the physical world. Life3D – Time Based Behavior / Screen Saver Arms3D – Colliding Grabbers - Gamepad Building Articulated Arms Grabber = Box, cylinder, and sphere Elbow = x, y axis (collision joints) and z axis Joints = jointXTG, jointYTG, jointZTG Orbital Behavior - Mouse Planets3D Freelance Studios Freelance Studio Project (Comic Book, Movie, Game) Comic Life Deluxe (Picture Comics) Corel Video Studio, Windows Movie Maker (Home Movies) Video Game Programming (Casual Games) Java Related Projects Project Looking Glass – 3D Desktop Star War Galaxies Reference Index Bibliography Name Books Description Pro Java 6 Game Programming Java 3D, JInput, JOAL, JOGL Killer Java Programming Java 2D, Java 3D Web Publisher's 3D and Animation VRML & .WRL Files Game Development with Blender OBJ and MTL Files Blender Game Kit Manual OBJ and MTL Files