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Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence program that generates dialogue. Created by Open AI, this high-capable chatbot uses machine learning algorithms to process and analyze large amounts of data to generate responses to user inquiries. ChatGPT 4 has a verbal IQ (as measured by a commonly used test) of 155, or top 0.1% of the human population.

GPT-4 is multilingual, supporting 26 languages at launch. Currently, it supports more than 50 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and many more.

Microsoft LASERs away LLM inaccuracies. Layer-Selective Rank Reduction (or LASER) can make large language models more accurate. With LASER, researchers can “intervene” and replace one weight matrix with an approximate smaller one. Weights are the contextual connections models make. The heavier the weight, the more the model relies on it.

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, released a new product that can create incredibly lifelike videos based on nothing more than the words that a user types into a box. Sora, as OpenAI is calling its new text-to-video product.

Google’s Flagship AI Model Gets a Mighty Fast Upgrade. Just two months after Alphabet made its Gemini AI model public, it’s rolling out a new version that can handle several times as much audio, video, and text input as GPT-4.

Google DeepMind released GNoME – an AI tool which found 2.2 million new crystals, 380,000 of which are considered stable. These include graphene-like superconductors, and potential lithium ion materials that could be used in batteries.

The Alpha fold team uploaded to the database the structures of around 200 million proteins from 1 million species, covering nearly every known protein on the planet. DeepMind’s AI AlphaFold could accelerate drug discovery. They might still lead to the identification of new, equally promising compounds. To test the theory, they screened a database containing hundreds of millions of chemicals for ones that would bind to two proteins — sigma-2 and 5-HT2A — based on protein structures that had been determined using traditional methods. They then did the same thing using AlphaFold’s predicted structures for the same proteins, and the list of flagged chemicals was completely different. In other words, the traditional and AI-generated ways of finding new drug candidates were both highly useful, even though their lists didn’t overlap.

AlphaGeometry is a neuro-symbolic system made up of a neural language model and a symbolic deduction engine, which work together to find proofs for complex geometry theorems. AI systems often struggle with complex problems in geometry and mathematics due to a lack of reasoning skills and training data. AlphaGeometry’s system combines the predictive power of a neural language model with a rule-bound deduction engine, which work in tandem to find solutions. And by developing a method to generate a vast pool of synthetic training data - 100 million unique examples - we can train AlphaGeometry without any human demonstrations, sidestepping the data bottleneck.

Apple launches ferret ai. This AI is capable of understanding and generating text, images, sounds, and videos. Apple's Ferret AI System is a cutting-edge multimodal AI model that has been shaking up the AI world.

Meta LLaMA, a revolutionary open-source framework, aims to make large language model research more accessible

Meta launches Sphere, an AI knowledge tool based on open web content, used initially to verify citations on Wikipedia. The current size of Wikipedia has arguably exceeded what any sized team of humans alone could check for accuracy, so the idea here is that Sphere is being used to automatically scan hundreds of thousands of citations simultaneously to spot when a citation doesn’t have much support across the wider web: “If a citation seems irrelevant, our model will suggest a more applicable source, even pointing to the specific passage that supports the claim,” it noted.

IBM Watson is a data analytics processor that uses natural language processing, a technology that analyzes human speech for meaning and syntax. IBM Watson performs analytics on vast repositories of data that it processes to answer human-posed questions, often in a fraction of a second. 

Oracle Buys Tens of Thousands of Nvidia A100, H100 GPUs. All of Nvidia's AI platforms are now available in Oracle Cloud. The service combines large language model (LLM) technology from Cohere and Meta, including Meta’s Llama 2.

Nvidia's stock market value on verge of overtaking Amazon. Nvidia $1.715 trillion, Amazon's $1.767 trillion value, Alphabet's $1.812 trillion value