Practical wisdom for daily life

Home for the night

• Rent a video, make a fire in the fireplace

• Make holiday decoration, flower arrangement, craft project

• Learn a new craft, skill or hobby

• Write a poem, short story or musical piece

• Prepare a formal dinner

• Have your own ping pong or miniature golf tournament

• Decorate a dance floor in the living room

• Look for stars and constellations using a star book

• Use a new recipe to make food or candy

• Sculpt using clay, or carve with soap

• Play charades, TV games, card or board games

• Go through your photographs; create captions for them and put together an album

• Read and discuss a book, news article or the comics

• Debate a world event or problem.

Brainstorm for solutions

• Watch TV – the late show, a cultural or sport event, news, nature, comedy, or movie

• Learn about a particular topic or famous person

• Share and update your joint or individual goals

• Get out your tape cassettes and record a home made skit or commercial

Fun in the sun

• Take an early morning walk, watch the sun rise, then eat breakfast

• Prepare a meal at an outdoor grill or fireplace

• Visit a waterslide, canyon, park or zoo

• Go for a hot-air balloon or airplane ride

• Plant a tree or garden

• Make and fly kites

• Gather pine cones, pine nuts, wild flowers, berries, fall leaves, butterflies, shells

• Hunt for rocks, toadstools, or arrowheads

• Pan for gold

• Go horse back riding

• Pick strawberries or other fruits and eat them with cream

• Drive to a lake and rent a row boat, skip stones, have an evening beach party, build

sandcastles, fish

• Hike or back pack on a nature trail

• Visit an archaeological or historical site

• Visit a park and feed the ducks, dodge sprinklers, bicycle, picnic, play a game

• Go bird-watching in a forest, park or bird refuge

• Attend an outdoor arts, garden or international festival

• Be an amateur photographer. Find artistic settings to take great pictures of nature, other

people, or each other.

Out on the town

• Go window shopping

• Take a moonlight walk

• Attend a planetarium, museum, aquarium or art gallery

• Play computer or video games at an arcade

• See a local movie, play, concert, ballet, circus or sporting event

• Have a quite dinner at a favorite restaurant

• Dance at a club or ball room, square dance for a change of pace

• Take a drive to a place you’ve never been before

• Attend an auction, bazaar or estate sale

• Go midnight bowling; then have an early break fast

• Visit an old bookstore or a library. See who can find the strangest book

• Go to an amusement park, state fair, festival, mall, or exhibit

• Attend a city council / legislature meeting

• Tour a historic site in your area

• See what can be done or purchased on a five or ten dollar limit

• Attend a class at the library or university

• View a competition

• Take a dance lesson

• Visit a relative or friend


• Snowshoe, ski, snowmobile, ice-skate, toboggan, or go sledding / tubing during the day or

at night

• Play snow football, hockey, or other snow games

• Hike to a snowbound cabin

• Sculpt using snow

• Go ice fishing

• Hunt for the Christmas tree Outdoor

• Play tennis, golf, soccer, Frisbee, badminton, volleyball, softball, miniature golf, croquet,

horse shoes

• Get some baseball mitts and a ball and play catch

• Go ice-blocking

• Play Frisbee golf or Frisbee football

• Ride bikes

• Rent dirt bikes or four wheelers

• Swim, scuba dive, surf or body surf

• Go moonlight sailing or canoing

• Do a river run in rafts or inflated tubes

• Go mountain climbing, rappelling, hang gliding, or parachuting

• Fish, hunt, backpack or hike in a wilderness area

• Practice your skills at a golf driving range, a go cart track, or some batting cages

• Go bird watching, taking along a bird book from the library, or try the fascinating practice

of bug watching

• Roller-skate or skateboard at a park

• Ride horses

• Go to the sand dunes for jumping or buggying

• Jog or enter a road race

• Fly a kite

• Organize a complete sports day