Abaft=(prep),aft, astern, back of, behind

Abandon=(vb),abdicate, abjure, desert, drop, evacuate, forsake, forswear, leave, quit, relinquish, yield, cede, forgo, five up. let go, renounce, resign, surrender, vacate, waive

Abandoned=(adj), depraved, derelict, deserted, discarded, dropped, forsaken, left, outcat, rejected, relinquished, corrupt, demoralized, depraved, dissolute, graceless, lost, shameless, unprincipled

Abase=(vb), depress, drop, lower, reduce, sink, debase, degrade, disgrace, humble, humiliate

Abash=(vb), affront, bewilder, confound, confuse, dash, discompose, disconcert, embarrass, humiliate, humble, shame, snub

Abate=(vb), diminish, decrease, lessen, lower, moderate, reduce, relax, remove, slacken

Abbey=(n), convent, monastery, priory

Abbreviate=(vb), abridge, compress, condense, contract, cut, curtail, epitomize, reduce, retrench, shorten

Abbreviation=(n), abridgement, compression, condensation, contraction, curtailment, cutting, reduction, shortening

Abdomen=(n), belly, gut, paunch, stomach

Abduct=(vb), carry off, kidnap, spirit away, take away

Aberration=(n), departure, deviation, divergence, rambling, wandering, abnormality, anomaly, eccentricity, irregularity, peculiarity, singulatiry, unconformity, delusion, disorder, hallucination, illusion, instability

Abet=(vb), aid, assist, back, help, support, sustain, uphold, advocate, condone, countenance, encourage, favor, incite, sanction

Abhor=(vb), abominate, detest, dislike instensely, execrate, hate, loathe, nauseate, view with horror

Abide=(vb), lodge, rest, sojourn, stay, wait, dwell, inhabit, live, reside, bear, continue, persevere, persist, remain, endure, last, suffer, tolerate

Abiding=(adj), changeless, constant, continuing, durable, enduring, immutable, lasting, permanent, stable, unchangeable

Ability=(n), ableness, adroitness, aptitude, aptness, cleverness, dexterity, efficacy, efficiency, facility, might, ingenuity, knack, power, rediness, skill, strength, talent, vigor, competency

Abject=(adj), base, beggarly, comtemptible, cringing, degraded, despicable, dirty, groveling, ignoble, low, mean, menial, miserable, paltry, pitiful, poor, serville, sneaking slavish, vile

Abjure=(vb), abandon, discard, disclaim, disown, forgo, forswear, give up, reject, relinquish, renounce, repudiate, disavow, disclaim, recall, recant, renounce, repeal, retract, revoke, withdraw

Able=(adj), accomplished, adroit, apt, clever, expert, ingenious, practical, proficient, qualified, quick, skillful, talented, versed, competent, effective, efficient, fitted, quick, capable, gifted, mighty, powerful, talented, atheletic, brawny, muscular, robust, stalwart, strong, vigorous

Abnegate=(n), abandonment, denial, renunciation, surrender

Abnormality=(n), abormaity, anomaly, deformity, idiosyncrasy, irregularity, monstronsity, pecularity, oddity, singularity, unconformity

Aboard=(adv), inside, within, on

Abode=(n), domicile, dwelling, habitation, home, house, lodging, quarters, residence, residency, seat

Abolish=(vb), abrodgate, annul, cancel, eliminate, invalidate, nullify, quash, repeal, rescind, revoke, annihilate, destroy, end, eradicate, extirpate, extinguish, obliterate, overthrow, suppress, terminate

Abominate=(vb), abhor, detest, execrate, hate, loathe, recoil from, revolt, shrink from, shudder

Aboriginal=(adj), first, indigenous, native, original, primary prime, primeval, primitive, pristine

Abortion=(n), miscarriage, premature labor, disappointment, failure

Abortive=(adj), immature, incomplete, rudimental, rudimentary, stunted, untimely, futile, fruitless, idle, inffectual, inoperative, nugatory, profitless, unavailing, unsuccessful, useless, vain

Abound=(vb), flow, flourish, increase, swarm, swell, exuberate. luxuriate, overflow, proliferate, swarm, teem

About=(prep), around, encircling, surrounding, round, near, concerning, referring to, regarding, relating to, relative to, respecting, touching, with regard to, with respect to, all over

Above=(adj), above mentioned, aforementioned, aforesaid, foregoing, preceding, previous, prior

Abrade=(vb), erase, erode, rub off, scrape out, wear away

Abrasion=(n), attrition, disintegration, friction, wearing down, scrape scratch

Abreast=(adv), aligned, alongside

Abridge=(vb), abbreviate, condense, compress, shorten, summarize, contract, diminish, lessen, reduce

Abroad=(adv), expansively, unrestrainedly, ubiquitously, widely, forth, out of the doors, overseas, extensively, publicly

Abrogate=(vb), abolish, annul, cancel, invalidate, nullify, overrule, quash, repeal, rescind, revoke, seasside, vacate, void

Abrupt=(adj), broken, craggy, jagged, rough, rugged, acclivous, acclivitous, precipitous, steep, hasty, ill-timed, precipitate, sudden, unanticipated, unexpected, blunt, brusque, curt, discourteous, cramped, harsh, jerky, stiff

Abscond=(vb), bolt, decamp, elope, escape, flee, fly, retreat, run off, sneak away, steal away, withdraw

Abscess=(n), boil, fester, pustule, sore, ulcer

Absent=(adj), abroad, away, elsewhere, gone, not present, otherwhere, abstracted, dreaming, inattentive, lost, musing, napping, preoccupied

Absence=(n), nonappearance, nonattendance, abstraction, distraction, inattention, musing, preoccupation, reverie, default, defect, deficiency, lack, privation

Absolute=(adj), complete, ideal, independent, perfect, supreme, unconditional, unconditioned, unlimited, unqualified, unrestricted, arbitrary, authoritative, autocratic, despotic, dictatorial, imprious, irresponsible, tyrannical, tyrannous, actual, categorical, certain, decided, determinate, genuine, positive, real, unequivocal, unquestionable, veritable

Absolutely=(adv), completely, defintely, unconditionally, actually, downright, indeed, indubitably, infallibly, positively, really, truly, unquestionably

Absoluteness=(n), actuality, completeness, ideality, perfection, positiveness, reality, supremeness, absolutism, arbitrariness, despotism, tyranny

Absolution=(n), acquittal, clearance, deliverance, discharge, forgiveness, liberation, pardon, release, remission, shrift, shriving

Absolve=(vb), acquit, clear, deliver, discharge, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, forgive, free, liberate, loose, pardon, release, set free, shrive

Absorb=(vb) appropriate, assimilate, drink in, imbibe, soak up, consume, destroy, devour, engorge, engluf, exhaust, swallow up, take up, arrest, engage, engross, fix, immerse, occupy, rivet

Absorption=(adj), appropriation, assimilation, imbibing, osmosis, soaking up, consumption, exhaustion, swallowing up, concentration, engagement, engrossment, immersion, occupation, preoccupation

Abstain=(vb), avoid, cease, deny oneself, desist, forbear, refrain, refuse, stop, withhold

Abstemious=(adj), abstinet, frugal, moderate, self-denying, sober, temperate

Abstinence=(n), abstemiousness, avoidance, forbearance, moderation, self-restraint, soberness, sobriety, teetotalism, temperance

Abstract=(vb), detach, disengage, diskjoin, dissociate, disunite, isolate, separate, appropriate, purloin, seize, steal, take, abbreviate, abridge, epitomize

Abstraction=(n), absence, absent-midedness, brown study, inattention, muse, musing, preoccupation, reverie, diconnection, disjuntion, isolation, separation, abduction, appropriation, pilfering, purloining, seizure, stealing, taking

Abstruse=(adj), abstract, attenuated, dark, difficult, enigmatic, hidden, indefinite, mysterious, mystical, obscure, occult, profound, recondite, remote, subtle, transcendental, vague

Absurd=(adj), egregious, fantastic, foolish, incongruous, ill-advised, ill-judged, irrational, ludicrous, nonsensical, nugatory, preposterous, ridiculous, self-annulling, senseless, silly, stupid, unreasonable

Abundance=(n), affluence, amplitude, ampleness, copiousness, exberance, fertility, flow, flood, largeness, luxirance, opulence, overflow, plentitude, profusion, richness, store, wealth

Abuse=(vb), betray, cajole, deceive, desecrate, dishonor, misapply, misemploy, misuse, pervert, pollute, profance, porstitue, violate, wrong, harm, hurt, ill-use,ill-treat, injure, mlatreat, mishandle, apserse, berate, blacken, calumniate, defame, disparage, lampoon, lash, malign, revile, reproach, satirize, slander, tranduce, upbraid, vilify

Abusive=(adj), calumnious, carping, condemnatory, contumelious, damnatory, denuciatory, injurious, insolent, insulting, offensive, opprobious, reproachful, reviling, ribald, rude, scurilous, vilificatory, vituperative

Abut=(vb), adjoin, border, impinge, meet project

Abyss=(n), abysm, chasm, gorge, gulf, pit

Academic=(adj), collegiate, lettered, scholastic

Academy=(n), college, high school, institute, school

Accede=(vb), accept, acquiesce, agree, aseent to, comply with, concur, consent, yield

Accelerate=(vb), dispatch, expedite, forward, hasten, hurry, precipiate, press on, quicken spped, urge on

Acceleration=(n), expedition, hastening, hurrying, quickening, pickup, precipitation, speeding up, stepping up

Accent=(vb), accentuate, emphasize, stress

Accentuate=(vb), accent, emphasize, stress

Accept=(vb), acquire, derive, get, gain, obtain, receive, take, accede to, acknowledge, acquiensce in, admint, agree to, approve, assent to, avow, embrace, estimate, construe, interpret, regard, value

Acceptable=(adj), agreeable, gratifying, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, welcome

Access=(vb), broach, enter, open, open up, approach, avenue, entrance, entry, passageway, admission, admittance, audience, interview, addition, accession, aggrandizement, enlargement, gain, increase, increment

Accession=(n), addition, augmentation, enlargement, extension, increase, succession

Accessory=(adj), abetting, additional, additive, adjunct, aiding, ancillary, assisting, contributory, helping, subsidiary, subordinate, supplemental

Accident=(n), calamity, casualty, condition, contingency, diaster, fortuity, incident, misadventure, miscarriage, mischance, misforune, mishap, affection, alteration, chance, contingency, mode, modification, property, quality, state

Accidental=(adj), casual, chance, contigent, fortuitous, undesigned, uninteded, adventitious, dispensable, immaterial incidental, nonessential

Acclamation=(n), acclaim, applause, cheer, cry, plaudit, outcry, salutation, shouting

Acclimate=(vb),assutom, adapt, adjust, condition, familiarize, habitutate, inure, naturalize, season

Aclivity=(n), ascent, height, hill, rising ground, steep, upward slope

Accommodate=(vb), contain, furnish, hold, oblige, serve, supply, adapt, fit, suit, adjust, compose, harmonize, reconcile, settle

Accompaniment=(n), adjunct, appendage, attachment, attendant, concomitant

Accompany=(vb), attend, chaperon, convoy, escort, follow, go with

Accomplice=(n), abettor, accessory, ally, assitant, associate, confederate, partner

Accomplish=(vb), acheive, bring about, carry, carry through, complete, compass, consumate, do, effect, execute, perform, perfect, conclude, end, finish, terminate

Accomplishment=(n), achievement, acquirement,a ttainment, qualification, completion, fullfilment

Accord=(vb), admit, allow, concede, deign, give, grant, vouchsafe, yield, agree, assent, concur, correspond, harmonize, quadrate, tally

Accordant=(adj), agreeable, agreeing, congruous, consonant, harmonious, suitable, symphonious

Accordingly=(adv), agreeable, conformable, consistently, suitable, consequently, hence, so, thence, therefore, thus, whence, wherefore

Accost=(vb), address, confront, greet, hail, salute, speak to, stop

Account=(vb), assess, appriase, estimate, evaluate, judge, rate, assign, attribute, explain, expound, justify, rationalize, vindicate

Accountable=(adj), amenable, answerable, duty-bound, liable, responsible

Accorter=(vb), arm, dress, equip, fit out, furnish

Accredit=(vb), authorize, depute, empower, entrust

Accrue=(vb), arise, come, follow, flow, inure, issue, proceed, result

Accumulate=(vb), agglomerate, aggregate, amass, bring together, collect, gather, grow, hoard, increase, pile, store

Accumulation=(n), agglomeration, aggregation, collection, heap, hoard, mass, pile, store

Accurate=(adj), close, correct, exact, faithful, nice, precise, regular, strict, true, truthful

Accusation=(n), arraignment, charge, incrimation, impeachment, indictment

Accuse=(vb), arraign, charge, censure, impeach, indict, tax

Accustom=(vb), discipline, drill, familiarize, habituate, harden, inure, train, use

Ace=(n), one spot, single pip, single point, atom, bit, grain, iota, jot, particle, single, unit, white, expert, master, virtuoso

Acerbity=(n), acidity, acridity, acridness, astrigency, bitterness, harshness, severity, venom

Achieve=(vb), accomplish, attain, complete, do, effect, execute, finish, fulfill, perform, realize, acquire, gain, get, obtain, win

Achievement=(n), accomplishment, acquirement, attainment, completion, consummation, performance, realization, deed, exploit, feat, work

Acid=(adj), pungent, sharp, sour, stinging, tart, vinegary

Acknowledge=(vb), recognize, accept, admit, accept, allow, concede

Acme=(n), apex, climatx, height, peak, pinnacle, summit, top, vertex, zenith

Acquaint=(vb), familiarize, annouce, apprise, communicate, enlighten, disclose, inform, make aware, make known, notify, tell

Acquaintance=(n), companionship, familiarity, fellowship, intimacy, knowledge, associate, companion, comrade, friend

Acquiesce=(vb), bow, comply, consent, give way, rest, submit, yield, agree, assent, concur, consent

Acquire=(vb), acheive, attain, earn, gain, get, have, obtain, procure, realize, secure, win, learn throughly, master

Acquirement=(n), acquiring, gaining, gathering, mastery, acquistion, acomplishment, attainment

Acquit=(vb), absolve, clear, dishcarge, exculpate, excuse, exonerate, forgive, liberate, pardon, pay, quit, release, set free, settle

Acquittal=(n), absolution, acquittance, clearance, deliverance, discharge, exoneration, liberation, release

Acrid=(adj), biting, bitter, caustic, pungent, sharp

Acrimonous=(adj), acrid, bitter, caustic, censorious, crabbed, harsh, maglignant, petulant, sarcastic, severe, testy, virulent

Act=(vb), do, execute, function, make, operate, work, enact, feign, perform, play

Acting=(adj), interim, provisional, substitute, temporary

Action=(n), achievment, activity, agency, deed, exertion, exploit, feat, battle, combat, conflict, content, encounter, engagement, operation, lawsuit, prosecution

Active=(adj), effective, efficient, influential, living, operative, assiduous, bustling, busy, diligent, industrious, restless, agile, alert, brisk, energetic, lively, nimble, prompt, quick, smart, spirited, sprightly, supple animated, ebullient, fervent, vigorous

Actual=(adj), certain, decided, genuine, objective, real, substantial, tangible, true, veritable, perceptible, present, sensible, tangible, absolute, categorical, positive

Acumen=(n), acuteness, astuteness, discernment, ingenuity, keenness, penetration, sagacity, sharpness, shrewdness

Acute=(adj), pointed, sharp, astute, bright, discerning, ingenious, intelligent, keen, quick, penetrating, piercing, sagacious, sage, sharp, shrewd, smart, subtle, distressing, fierce, intense, piercing, pungent, poignant, severe, violent, high, high-toned, sharp, shrill

Adage=(n), aphorism, dictum, maxim, proverb, saw, saying

Adapt=(vb), accomodate, adjust, conform, coordinate, fit, qualify, proportion, suit, temper

Add=(vb), adjoin, affix, annex, append, attach, join, tag, sum, sum up, total

Addict=(vb), accustom, apply, dedicate, devote, habituate

Addition=(n), augmentation, accession, enlargement, extension, increase, supplement, adjunct, appendage, appendix, extra

Address=(vb), accost, apply to, court, direct

Adduce=(vb), advance, allege, assign, offer, present, cite, mention, name

Adept=(adj), accomplished, experienced, practiced, proficient, skilled

Adequate=(adj), able, adapted, capable, competent, equal, fit, requisite, satisfactory, sufficient, suitable

Adhere=(vb), cling, cleave, cohere, hold, stick, appertain, belong, pertain

Adherent=(adj), adhering, clinging, sticking

Adhesion=(n), adherence, attachment, clinging, coherence, sticking

Adhesive=(adj), clinging, sticking, glutinous, gummy, sticky, tenacious, viscous

Adieu=(n), farewell, goodbye, parting, valediction

Adipose=(adj), fat, fatty, greasy, oily, oleaginous, sebaceous

Adjacent=(adj), adjoining, bordering, conterminous, contiguous, near, near to, neighboring, touching

Adjoin=(vb), abut, add, annex, append, border, combine, neighbor, unite, verge

Adjourn=(vb), defer, delay, postpone, procrastinate, close, dissolve, end, interrupt, prorogue, suspend

Adjudge=(vb), allot, assign, award, decide, decree, determine, settle

Adjunct=(n), addition, advantage, appendage, appurtenance, attachment, attribute, auxilary, dependency, help

Adjure=(vb), beg, beseech, entreat, pray, supplicate

Adjust=(vb), adapt, arrange, dispose, rectify, regulate, set right, settle, suit, compose, harmonize, pacify, reconcile, settle, accommodate, adapt, fit, suit

Administer=(vb), contribute, deal out, dispense, supply, conduct, control, direct, govern, manage, oversee, superintend, conduce, contribute

Admirable=(adj), astonishing, striking, suprising, wonderful, excellent, fine, rare, superb

Admiration=(n), affection, approbation, approval, astonishment, delight, esteem, pleasure, regard

Admit=(vb), give access to, let in, receive, agree to, accept, acknowledge, concede, confess, allow, bear, permit, suffer, tolerate

Admonish=(vb), censure, rebuke, reprove, advise, caution, counsel, enjoin, forewarn, warn, acquaint, apprise, inform, instruct, notify, remind

Admonition=(n), censure, rebuke, remonstrance, advice, caution, chiding, counsel, instruction, monition

Adolescence=(n), minority, nonage, teens, youth

Adolescent=(adj), juvenile, young, youthful

Adopt=(vb), appropriate, assume, accept, approve, avow, espouse, maintain, support, affiliate, father, foster

Adore=(vb), worship, esteem, honor, idolize, love, revere, venerate

Adorn=(vb) beautify, decorate, embellish, enrich, garnish, glid, grace, ornament

Adroit=(adj), apt, dextrous, expert, handy, ingenious, ready, skillful

Adulation=(n), blandishment, cajolery, fawning, flattery, flummery, praise, sycophacy

Adult=(adj), grown-up, mature, ripe, ripened

Adulterate=(vb), alloy, contaminate corrupt, debase, deteriorate, vitate

Advance=(adj), beforehand, forward, leading

Advancement=(n), advance, benefit, gain, growth, improvement, profit

Advantage=(n), ascendacy, precedence, preminence, superiority, upper-hand, benefit, blessing, emolument, gain, profit, return, account, behalf, interest, accommodation, convenience, prerogative, privilege

Advent=(n), accession, approach, arrival, coming, visitation

Adventitious=(adj), accidental, extraneous, extrinsic, foreign, fortuitous, nonessential

Adventure=(vb), dare, hazard, imperil, peril, risk, venture

Adventurous=(adj), bold, chivalrous, courageous, daring, doughty, foolhardly, headlong, precipitate, rash, reckless, dangerous, hazardous, perilous

Adverse=(adj), conflicting, contray, opposing, antagonistic, harmful, hostile, hurtful, inimical, unfavorable, unpropitous, calamitous, disatrous, unfortunate, unlucky, untoward

Adversity=(n), affliction, calamity, disaster, distress, misery, misfortune, sorrow, suffering, woe

Advertise=(vb), advise, announce, declare, inform, placard, proclaim, publish

Advertisement=(n), announcement, information, notice, proclamation

Advice=(n), admonition, caution, counsel, exhortation, persuasion, suggestion, recommendation, information, intelligence, notice, notification, care, counsel, deliberation, forethought

Advisable=(adj), advantageous, desirable, expedient, prudent

Advise=(vb), admonish, counsel, commend, recommend, suggest, urge, acquiant, apprise, inform, notify, confer, consult, deliberate

Advocate=(vb), countenance, defened, favor, justify, maintain, support, uphold, vindicate

Aegis=(n), defense, protection, safeguard, shelter

Affable=(adj), accessible, approachable, communicative, conversable, cordial, easy, familiar, frank, free, sociable, social, complaisant, courteous, civil, obliging, polite, urbane

Affair=(n), business, circumstance, concern, matter, office, question, event, incident, occurence, performance, proceeding, transaction, battle, combat, conflict, encounter, engagement, skirmish

Existence=N. existence, being, entity,

subsistence, reality, actuality; positiveness adj. fact, matter of fact, sober reality; truth ; actual existence, presence (existence in space) coexistence. hard fact; not a dream;

no joke. center of life, essence, inmost nature, inner reality, vital principle.

V. exist, be; have being n.; subsist, live,

breathe, stand, obtain,

be the case; occur (event) ; have place,

prevail; find oneself, pass the time, vegetate.

consist in, be comprised in, be

contained in, be

constituted by.

come into existence n.; arise (begin); come forth (appear).

become (be converted; bring into

existence. abide, continue, endure, last, remain, stay.

Adj. existing v.; existent, under the sun; in

existence n.; extant; afloat, afoot, on foot, current, prevalent;real, actual, positive, absolute; true ;

substantial, substantive; self-existing, self-existent;essential. well-founded, well-grounded; unideal, unimagined; not potential; authentic.

Adv. actually adj.; in fact, in point of fact,

in reality; indeed;

existence doth depend on time.

3. Substantiality -- N. substantiality, hypostasis; person, being, thing, object, article, item; something, a being,

an existence; creature, body, substance, flesh and blood, stuff,substratum; matter; corporeity, element, essential nature, groundwork, materiality, substantialness, vital part.

Intrinsicality -- N. intrinsicality, inbeing,

inherence, inhesion;

subjectiveness; ego; egohood; essence, noumenon; essentialness

adj.; essential part, quintessence, incarnation,

quiddity, gist, pith, marrow, core, sap, lifeblood, backbone, heart, soul; important part (importance).

principle, nature, constitution, character,

type, quality, crasis, diathesis. habit; temper, temperament; spirit, humor, grain; disposition. endowment, capacity; capability (power)

Adj. derived from within, subjective; intrinsic,

intrinsical; fundamental, normal; implanted, inherent, essential, natural; innate, inborn, inbred, ingrained, inwrought; coeval with birth, genetous, haematobious, syngenic; radical, incarnate, thoroughbred, hereditary, inherited, immanent; congenital, congenite; connate, ingenerate, ingenite; indigenous; in the grain n.; bred in the bone, instinctive; inward, internal ; to the manner born; virtual. characteristic (special) , (indicative); invariable, incurable, incorrigible, ineradicable, fixed.

Adv. intrinsically adj.; at bottom, in the main,

in effect, practically, virtually, substantially, au fond; fairly. character is higher than intellect

External conditions

Extrinsicality -- N. extrinsicality, objectiveness, non ego; extraneousness ; accident; appearance, phenomenon .

Adj. derived from without; objective; extrinsic,

extrinsical; extraneous (foreign) ; modal, adventitious; ascititious, adscititious; incidental, accidental, nonessential; contingent, fortuitous. implanted, ingrafted; inculcated, infused, outward, apparent (external) .

Adv. extrinsically adj..

7. State -- N. state, condition, category, estate, lot, ease, trim, mood, pickle, plight, temper; aspect (appearance) , dilemma, pass, predicament. constitution, habitude, diathesis; frame, fabric ; stamp, set, fit, mold, mould. mode, modality, schesis; form (shape). tone, tenor, turn; trim, guise, fashion, light, complexion, style, character.

V. be in a state, possess a state, enjoy a state,

labor under a state

n.; be on a footing, do, fare; come to pass.

Adj. conditional, modal, formal; structural,


Adv. conditionally adj.; as the matter stands,

as things are; such being the case .


Circumstance -- N. circumstance, situation, phase, position, posture, attitude, place, point; terms; regime; footing, standing, status. occasion, juncture, conjunctive; contingency

(event) .

predicament; emergence, emergency; exigency, crisis, pinch, pass, push; occurrence; turning point. bearings, how the land surroundings, context, environment ;

location, contingency, dependence (uncertainty) ; causation , attribution .

Adj. circumstantial; given, conditional,

provisional; critical; modal; contingent, incidental; adventitious (extrinsic); limitative.

Adv. in the circumstances, under the circumstance, n., the circumstances, conditions; thus, in such wise. accordingly; that being the case, such being the case, in view of the circumstances; that being so, sith, since, seeing that. as matters stand; as things go, as times go. conditionally, provided, if, in case; if so, if so be, if it be so; depending on circumstances, in certain circumstances, under certain conditions; if it so happen, if it so turn out; in the event of; in such a contingency, in such a case, in such an event; provisionally,

unless, without. according to circumstances, according to the occasion; as it may happen, as it may turn out, as it may be; as the

case may be

Relation -- N. relation, bearing, reference,

connection, concern, cognation; correlation; analogy; similarity; affinity, homology, alliance, homogeneity, association; approximation (nearness); filiation; interest; relevancy; dependency, relationship, relative position. comparison; ratio, proportion. link, tie, bond of union.

V. be related adj.; have a relation n.;

relate to, refer to; bear

upon, regard, concern, touch, affect, have to do

with; pertain to,

belong to, appertain to; answer to; interest.bring into relation with, bring to bear upon;

connect, associate,

draw a parallel; link.

Adj. relative; correlative 12; cognate; relating

to v.; relative to, in relation with, referable or referrible to; belonging to v.; appurtenant to, in common with. related, connected; implicated, associated, affiliated, allied to, en rapport, in touch with. approximative, approximating; proportional, proportionate, proportionable; allusive, comparable. in the same category; like; relevant; applicable, equiparant.

Consanguinity -- N. consanguinity, relationship, kindred, blood; parentage (paternity); filiation, affiliation; lineage, agnation, connection, alliance; family connection, family tie; ties of blood. kinsman, kinfolk; kith and kin; relation, relative; connection; sibling, sib; next of kin; uncle, aunt, nephew, niece; cousin, first cousin, second cousin; cousin once removed, cousin twice removed; near relation, distant relation;

brother, sister, one's own flesh and blood. family, fraternity; brotherhood, sisterhood, cousinhood. race, stock, generation; side; strain; breed,

clan, tribe, nation.

V. be related to adj.. claim relationship with

n.. with.

Adj. related, akin, consanguineous,,

family, allied, collateral; cognate, agnate, connate; kindred; affiliated; fraternal. intimately related, nearly related, closely

related, remotely related, distantly related, allied; german.

Correlation -- N. reciprocalness

adj.; reciprocity, reciprocation; mutuality,

correlation, interdependence, interrelation, connection, link, association; interchange; exchange, barter. reciprocator.

V. reciprocate, alternate; interchange 148;

exchange; counterchange.

Adj. reciprocal, mutual, commutual, correlative, reciprocative, interrelated, closely related; alternate; interchangeable; interdependent; international; complemental,


vice versa; each other, one another; by turns; reciprocally

Identity -- N. identity, sameness; coincidence, coalescence; convertibility; equality; selfness, self, oneself; identification. (exactness); same;

self, very, one and the same; very thing, actual thing; real McCoy; no other; one and only; in the flesh.

V. be identical adj.; coincide, coalesce, merge.

treat as the same, render the same, identical; identify; recognize the identity of.

Adj. identical; self, ilk; the same n. selfsame, one and the same, homoousian. coincide, coalescent, coalescing; indistinguishable; one; equivalent (equal); much the same, of a muchness; unaltered.

Adv. identically adj.; on all fours.

Difference -- N. difference; variance,

variation, variety; diversity, dissimilarity; disagreement ; disparity

(inequality); distinction, contradistinction;

alteration. modification, permutation, moods and tenses. nice distinction, fine distinction, delicate distinction, subtle distinction; shade of difference, nuance; discrimination; differentia. different thing, something else, apple off another tree, another pair of shoes; horse of a different color; this that or the other.

V. be different adj.; differ, vary, ablude,

mismatch, contrast; divaricate; vary, modify (change). discriminate.

Adj. differing v.; different, diverse,

heterogeneous, multifarious; distinguishable, dissimilar; varied, modified; diversified,

various, divers, all manner of, all kinds of;

variform other, another, not the same; unequal. unmatched; widely apart, poles apart, distinctive; characteristic, discriminative, distinguishing. incommensurable, incommensurate.

Adv. differently adj..

Uniformity -- N. uniformity; homogeneity,

homogeneousness; consistency; connaturality, connaturalness; homology; accordance; conformity; agreement; consonance, uniformness. regularity, constancy, even tenor, routine; monotony.

V. be uniform adj.; accord; run

through. become uniform adj.; conform.

render uniform, homogenize adj.; assimilate, level, smooth, dress.

Adj. uniform; homogeneous, homologous; of a piece, consistent, connatural; monotonous, even, invariable; regular, unchanged, undeviating, unvaried, unvarying. unsegmented.

Adv. uniformly adj.; uniformly with (conformably); in harmony

with (agreeing) always, invariably, without exception, without fail, unfailingly, never otherwise; by clockwork.

Adj. diversified varied, irregular, uneven, rough; multifarious; multiform; of various kinds; all manner of, all sorts of, all kinds of.

Adv. variously, in all manner of ways, here there and everywhere.

Similarity -- N. similarity, resemblance,

likeness, similitude, semblance; affinity, approximation, parallelism; agreement; analogy, analogicalness; correspondence,

homoiousia, parity. connaturalness, connaturality; brotherhood, family likeness. alliteration, rhyme, pun. repetition; sameness (identity); uniformity.

analogue; the like; match, pendant, fellow

companion, pair, mate, twin, double, counterpart, brother, sister; one's

second self, alter ego, chip of the old block, birds of a feather, parallel; simile; type (metaphor); image (representation); photograph; close resemblance, striking

resemblance, speaking resemblance, faithful

likeness, faithful resemblance.

V. be similar adj.; look like, resemble, bear

resemblance; smack of,

savor of, approximate; parallel, match, rhyme with; take after; imitate; favor, span, render similar adj.; assimilate, approximate, bring near; connaturalize, make alike; rhyme, pun.

Adj. similar; resembling v.; like, alike; twin. analogous, analogical; parallel, of a piece; such as, so; homoiousian. connatural, congener, allied to; akin to (consanguineous).

approximate, much the same, near, close,

something like, sort of, in the ballpark, such like; a show of; mock, pseudo, simulating,

representing. exact (true) ; lifelike, faithful; true to nature, true to life, the very image, the very picture of; for all the world like, as like as two peas in a pod, as like as it can stare; cast in the same mold, ridiculously like.

Adv. as if, so to speak; as it were, as if it were, just as, like master, like servant; like father, like son; the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree; a chip off the old block novelty, originality; creativeness; oogamy.

V. be unlike adj.; vary (differ) 15; bear no

resemblance to, render unlike adj.; vary (diversify)

Adj. dissimilar, unlike, disparate; divergent; of a different kind; (class) unmatched, unique; new, novel; unprecedented; original. nothing of the kind; no such thing, quite another thing; far from it, cast in a different mold, as like a dock as a daisy, very like a whale ; as different as

chalk from cheese,

Adv. otherwise.

Imitation -- N. imitation; copying v.;

transcription; repetition, duplication, reduplication; quotation; reproduction; mimeograph, xerox, facsimile; reprint, offprint.

mockery, mimicry; simulation, impersonation, personation;

representation; semblance; copy; assimilation.

paraphrase, parody, take-off, lampoon,


imitator, echo, cuckoo, parrot, ape, monkey,

mocking bird, mime;

copyist, copycat; plagiarist, pirate.

V. imitate, copy, mirror, reflect, reproduce,

repeat; do like, echo, reecho, catch; transcribe; match, parallel. mock, take off, mimic, ape, simulate,

impersonate, personate; act (drama); represent; counterfeit,

parody, travesty, caricature, lampoon, burlesque. follow in the steps of, tread in the steps, follow in the footsteps of, follow in the wake of; take pattern by; follow suit, follow the example of; walk in the shoes of, take a leaf out of another's book, strike in with, follow suit; take after, model after; emulate.

Adj. imitated v.; mock, mimic; modelled after,

molded on. paraphrastic; literal; imitative; secondhand;

imitable; aping, apish, mimicking.

Adv. literally, to the letter, verbatim, literatim

exactly, precisely.

Nonimitation -- N. no imitation; originality;

creativeness. invention, creation.

Adj. unimitated, uncopied; unmatched,

unparalleled; inimitable;

unique, original; creative, inventive,

untranslated; exceptional, rare,

sui generis uncommon [Lat.], unexampled. Variation -- N. variation; alteration

(change) .

Adj. varied v.; modified; diversified 16.1.

Copy -- N. copy,

facsimile, counterpart,

effigies, effigy, form, likeness.

image, picture, photo, xerox, similitude,

semblance, ectype, photo offset, electrotype; imitation; model,

representation, adumbration, study; portrait (representation); resemblance.

duplicate, reproduction; cast, tracing;

reflex, reflexion, reflection; shadow, echo.

transcript [copy into a non-visual form],

transcription; recording, scan.

chip off the old block; reprint, new printing;

rechauffe; apograph, fair copy.

[copy with some differences] derivative,

derivation, modification,

expansion, extension, revision; second edition


Adj. faithful; lifelike (similar) 17; close,


Prototype -- N. prototype,

original, model, pattern, precedent, standard, ideal, reference,

scantling, type; archetype, protoplast, module, exemplar, example, ensample,

paradigm; lay-figure.

text, copy, design; fugleman, keynote.

V. be an example, be a role model, set an example; set a copy.

Phr. a precedent embalms a principle

Agreement -- N. agreement; accord, accordance; unison, harmony; concord; concordance, concert; understanding, mutual understanding. conformity; conformance; uniformity; consonance, consentaneousness, consistency; congruity, congruence; keeping;

congeniality; correspondence, parallelism,

apposition, union. fitness, aptness adj.; relevancy; pertinence, pertinencey; sortance; case in point; aptitude, coaptation,

propriety, applicability, admissibility, commensurability, compatibility; cognation (relation). adaption, adjustment, graduation, accommodation; reconciliation, reconcilement; assimilation. consent (assent) ; concurrence, cooperation. right man in the right place, very thing; quite the thing, just the thing.

V. be accordant adj.; agree, accord, harmonize; correspond, tally, respond; meet, suit, fit, befit, do, adapt itself to; fall in with, chime in with, square with, quadrate with, consort with, comport with;

dovetail, assimilate; fit like a glove, fit to a

tittle, fit to a T; match; become one; homologate. consent (assent) .

render accordant adj.; fit, suit, adapt, accommodate; graduate;

adjust (render equal); dress, regulate,

readjust; accord, harmonize, reconcile; fadge, dovetail, square.

Adj. agreeing, suiting v.; in accord, accordant,

concordant, consonant, congruous, consentaneous, correspondent, congenial;

coherent; becoming; harmonious reconcilable,

conformable; in accordance with, in harmony with, in keeping with, in unison with; consistent, compatible, proportionate; commensurate; on all fours. apt, pertinent, pat; to the point, to the purpose;

happy, felicitous, germane, in point, on point, directly on point, bearing upon, applicable, relevant, adapted, in, appropriate, seasonable, sortable, suitable, meet (expedient) is. at home, in one's proper element. with, at variance with.

Quantity -- N. quantity, magnitude; size

(dimensions); amplitude, magnitude, mass,

amount, sum, quantum, measure, substance, strength, force.

[Science of quantity.] mathematics, mathesis.

[Logic.] category, general conception,

universal predicament.

[Definite or finite quantity.] armful, handful, mouthful, spoonful, capful; stock, batch, lot, dose; yaffle.